Sunday, October 09, 2016

Making a House a Home

Saturday is house project day. Well, I suppose every day has house stuff going, but Saturday is the day for the bigger jobs since Kraig is home. For the past two years we haven't had much in the way of home projects--an apartment doesn't call for much. But we are homeowners again and we have taken on a fixer upper. Too bad Chip and Joanna Gaines live three hours away....

Some days, I admit, the prospect of all that needs to be done and all we'd like to do is overwhelming, particularly when the dollars start adding up. But I have to admit I'm also excited about the possibilities and we're praying we'll be here long enough to see them come about. A lot can't be done yet--we can't put our house in Michigan up for sale till next year so our current funds are limited. But I can wait and dream. As Anne of Green Gables says, "There's so much scope for the imagination!"

While we dream, though, we're digging in and getting done what has to be done and what we can do. We can paint the bedrooms. We have to seal the windows and plug holes the wasps find inviting. We can rake out the brush under the three pecan trees in front of the house and start to collect the ripening nuts. We can put our books on shelves and food in cupboards and make the core of the house into a place where we can welcome friends and family.

Time, patience, and cash will all be needed, yes. But God has given us a place we can call home. He has plans we can't even imagine. The possibilities are endless!

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