Sunday, April 29, 2007

Well! It's high time I started doing something with this blog. We've had big news in our house in the past week and want to share it with all :) .

We were thrilled to welcome "Evelyn Ruth" to our family on Thursday, April 26, 2007. She weighed in at 8 lbs., 11.3 oz., and measured 21 inches in length. She also has a thick head of dark-brown hair and bright eyes to check out the world! Big sister Keren hasn't put in her vote quite yet as to whether we should keep her--babies are a little unpredictable, after all. Big sister Clarissa, on the other hand, is excited that we have brought her her very own baby, who reacts when she kisses her!

You can see more of the family fun in our online album. Check out