Sunday, April 27, 2008

Evelyn's Birthday

Yesterday was Evelyn's first that possible?!!! We had a great group of family and friends over--not too many, though the number of kids kept multiplying :) . It was our first "party" at our new house, and great to see how the ebb and flow of people worked.

...Anyway, we did take a lot of video, but most of it's on the video camera and I haven't tried to download any of that yet. As a result, the bit here is Evelyn thoroughly enjoying the e-card sent to her by Uncle Brian and Aunt Jessie in Macau. As you can see it was a big hit! She liked Aunt Carrie's e-card too--watched it really intently--but I'm afraid it was a little beyond her humor-wise. Someday she'll get it! Aunt Carrie did score in her goal, though, which was a card with lots of action! Next year Ev will catch the humor, too, Aunt Carrie! :)

I'll put up photos on our Picasa album, Just the ones I have from the party--I haven't gotten Dad's zillion yet!