Thursday, October 02, 2014

Fashion Statement

I have never been fashionable. I like to think my look is clean, classic, and sometimes elegant, but for the most part it consists of solid-colored tops and jeans or capris. I mix it up now and then with slacks, and when I'm really going for change I switch out my jewelry. Oh, and on Sundays I like to wear dresses or skirts to church (and put on different jewelry). It's not that I don't like fashion, and I love to admire people who do it well, but it is not my gift. My one foray into the fashion scene was nine years ago after Clare was born and I was incredibly thin. My sister and sister-in-law took me in hand an we went on a shopping spree. It was a blast, and I wore those uncomfortable clothes off and on, but a couple years ago I admitted to myself that I was done with the outfits. So I said good-bye and fell back into my comfort mode. It is fairly boring, but it's me and I like it.

Unfortunately my meager wardrobe has taken a beating since we've come to Guadalajara. It is strongly recommended that all fruits and vegetables be thoroughly washed before eating them here. Since the water from the tap isn't safe to drink without treatment, this means that the best way to clean things is to fill a sink with water and add a good glug of bleach.

Bleach, I am sure you know, has a certain effect on cloth.... I realized this one of the first times I washed when I added some white splatters to my simple turquoise top. I was disappointed, but not devastated, because I have two turquoise tops. However, I decided I should prevent this from happening again, and so I sacrificed an old t-shirt to the cause. Simple, right? Each time I need to wash fruits and veggies, I slip out of one shirt and into the bleach-magnet. Except that the reality is that I'm lazy and usually think of washing the produce too late, and I need to rush to get dinner started, and so I think, "Oh, I'll just be extra careful this time." My "extra care" has landed me with a tiny white spot on my other turquoise top (now I'm sad), and last night I noticed a tasteful orange stripe on the pocket of my chocolate slacks.

I suppose this means I must be more vigilant. Either that, or maybe I could start a new fashion trend! Because, as I said, fashion is my thing. Um...right....

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