Wednesday, October 01, 2014

31 Day Blog Challenge: Finding Home in Guadalajara

A few days ago, thanks to following the comment of a friend to a blog post, I discovered 31 Days--A Writing Challenge Every October, Every Day. The goal is to post one blog post per day for the month of October. The trick is to keep it within one topic.

I've wanted to write more regularly about our new life here in Guadalajara, Mexico, and have had numerous ideas bouncing around that don't seem to find their way to my blog. That being the case, it seemed like a good idea to take on this challenge. So with that in mind, I hope to write for the next 31 days about Finding Home in Guadalajara--a nice broad topic that gives me plenty of leeway.

As the month progresses, I'll add links for each day to this post.

October 1: Climbing Mountains
October 2: Fashion Statement
October 3: It's In the Shipment
October 4: The Sky Must Be Enjoyed
October 5: Communion
October 6: Navigating Guadalajara
October 7: Washing Dishes
October 8: Bedtime Routine
October 9: Missing Home...One of Them
October 10: Spanish Lessons
October 11: The Bane and Blessing of Technology
October 12: Intersection
October 13: The Tenants of 2515-A
October 14: Heritage
October 15: Skipping School with Jon
October 16: Breakfast Out With the Moms
October 17: Waiting in Hope
October 18: Lazy Saturday
October 19: Cheese Please
October 20: Luminous Ev
October 21: Clare in the Afternoon
October 22: Exercise Routine
October 23: Classroom Observation
October 24: Making Tortillas
October 25: Riding in Ajijic
October 26: Growing Community
October 27: Rosa and Blanca
October 28: Complicated Decisions: When to Accept or Reject Cultural Traditions
October 29: The Street Where We Live
October 30: Our Alternate Education Day
October 31: Still Finding Home

If you would like to brush up on the few posts I've written since we arrived in Guadalajara in July, you can find them with these links:

One Year
Communication Skills
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