Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Sky Must Be Enjoyed

"In a little while, in a little while
the ghosts return to noise.
But not right now, no, not 
right now
The sky must be enjoyed."
~Eric Peters
"Fighting for Life"

There are hard days--days when the shipment still doesn't come. But then I look at the sky outside of our apartment and I know that God is so much bigger, and His world is so much wilder and more beautiful than my little time-bound mind can fathom. 

It has been rainy season here since June, and rainy season in Guadalajara means days of gorgeous, temperate weather with rain and storms that usually wait politely for evenings and nights to burst. It means great thunderheads that pile up lit by the late sun, and nights where the lightning flickers in continuous strobe while timpani rumble unceasingly. It means a full moon outshining the night lights and an ever-changing canvas. The ghosts of disappointment and frustration will return, but for now "the sky must be enjoyed."


  1. Those clouds are breathtaking! Prayers that your stuff arrives soon!

  2. Ahhhhhh! You are giving your camera a good workout. Lovely.

    1. Such easy material for it to catch :) .

  3. Lovely. I think photo #6 is my favorite. I love skies like that.


    1. Thanks, Betsy! It's so invigorating, isn't it?