Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Breath of Fresh Air

Time out with other likeminded women is a breath of fresh air on a stinky hot summer day. I have been blessed so often with this opportunity. During our first fall in Guadalajara I wrote about the refreshment of a Bible study I was able to attend. As that first year progressed, I connected more with these ladies and others who became dear friends and lifelines--fellow moms-in-the-trenches, mentors, thinkers, dreamers.... Back in Michigan and scattered around the world there are other women, both family and friends, whom I treasure. It's hard not to be able to see them.

Here we are in Longview and while I can "connect" with friends far away there is a vital need to meet people here, in person. As soon as we landed at the end of August, two of the "engineering wives" (wives of profs in LeTourneau's engineering department) invited me to a small Tuesday morning Bible study at one of the local churches. I could attend and it was fine for the kids to come and do their work in another room I went and found a group of women of multiple ages and backgrounds who enjoy their time together, but also dig into Scripture. Right now they're working through Hebrews and I was intoxicated all over by discussion covering the New Covenant, etc. (Yes, I get a little carried away with these kinds of studies :) ). The whole time is such a refreshing connection. In addition to this group, a number of the attendees are engineering wives (or wives of husbands who are in related departments at LeTourneau) and these women get together once a month for dinner and fellowship. Tonight we had dinner at the home of one of the families--it's my second one of these.

It will take time, I know, for friendships to grow. It will be a bit before there will be get-together times besides these scheduled ones. I may even need to be the one who initially pushes something. But for now these scheduled events are great for helping me breathe.

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