Monday, October 03, 2016

31 Day Writing Challenge: Finding Home in Longview

I'm already a day late, though hopefully not a dollar short....

Recently an email popped up reminding me that the October Write 31 Days challenge was once again about to begin. I took the challenge two years ago when we moved to Guadalajara, and while I'm thankful I did, I wisely avoided it last year. One could say I foolishly took the November Poem a Day challenge, but we won't go too deeply into that one. I can't deny I didn't have some fun with that!

So here I am on the second day of October, sitting in the family room of our new-to-us home in yet another part of the world thinking that maybe I should take up the challenge again. Two years ago I wrote about Finding Home in Guadalajara. There's been a lot of life lived since then, and this transition has been part of it. I think I will take the plunge, and we shall see what comes of Finding Home in Longview.

Here's to an October of writing!

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