Thursday, October 06, 2016

How to Avoid Thinking

It seems like most of our days right now are non-stop motion. Today was no exception. We were up early to get Kraig off; we only have one car right now, so unless we organize things to be sure that the kids and I don't need the car for the day we need to run Kraig to the school and pick him up in the evening. It's a much better commute than when we lived in Michigan and Kraig was driving to and from Detroit each day, 40 minutes each way. However our new 15 minute commute is a far cry from Guadalajara when we waved goodbye and Kraig walked across the street to the campus. 

Each weekday after Kraig's off we have the blur of school for the kids. Some days go more seamlessly than others there. Today the kids got their work done and didn't complain, but I was disorganized, so I felt like there was mass chaos even though there wasn't. The house kind of exploded with mess, and we ran out of black printer ink just when I needed it. Of course. I have three boxes with colored ink because we stocked up on it when we went to Guadalajara. Black ink, apparently, got short shrift.
Then we had to rush out the door to an estate sale that had a bunch of yard equipment Kraig needs...except that by the time we got there everything from our arm-long list was gone except a seed spreader. At least that was there. And a fan we needed. Sigh.

After that it was off to a local park where a bunch of moms and kids from the homeschool community here get together each Wednesday afternoon. It's been good for us to get there and start to get to know people, though it means an effort of extraverting in a group that primarily consists of introverts, including me. 

Usually after the park we hit Aldi's because it's in the same part of town and their milk and eggs are ridiculously inexpensive (among other things), but today we only had time to go to Target to look for a toothbrush holder of the kids' bathroom. We had a gift card and I've been putting the kids off going for way too long.
We rushed home after that in time to get the kids fed before the girls had a meeting for a group at the church we've been attending. The group meets once a month and tonight was the night. Kraig texted meanwhile to ask that we pick him up late, so after Jon and I dropped off the girls we did the Aldi's run, got Kraig, then picked up the girls and finally got home. I am certainly getting to know the routes around Longview well.

Let's see.... It's now 9:30 and I think this is the first time I've really sat today. I admit today was busier than most, but even when we're not running around there are plenty of house projects to be done. As crazy as all this is, I realized this is one reason why this move has been less fraught with emotional trauma than our move to Guadalajara: I haven't had much time to think about it....

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