Sunday, October 09, 2016

Reminders of Hutchmoot

This weekend was Hutchmoot, that most beloved of conferences I've been to that celebrates truth and beauty and how God works these out through all the craziness in our world. The conference emphasizes the arts, including meals--the past two times I've gone I actually went to help in the kitchen (and learn a little in the process).

Two years ago when we first moved to Guadalajara and I first did this challenge, I wrote about missing Hutchmoot and friends there. Last year I was able to go and work in the kitchen again thanks to my in-laws who lovingly timed their visit to Guadalajara so it would overlap my trip to Nashville. But when this year rolled around we knew it wouldn't be an option.

I was okay with that, and most of the weekend has been great despite the missing. There have been plenty of reminder moments. The topic of our Sunday school lesson was one of Jesus' parables about a banquet and I thought immediately of Andrew Peterson's introduction to this year's conference that thankfully he posted in The Rabbit Room. Every time I opened Facebook this weekend I saw pictures posted by friends who are there and "last year at this time" photos. My sister Carrie is there this weekend and co-led one of the sessions and I couldn't help but remember how great it's been to go with her. I listened to Andrew Osenga's Leonard the Lonely Astronaut after dropping the kids off at their Awana program, and of course we had Andrew Peterson playing over the weekend. The message this morning was about putting Christ at the center of your life so that everything flows out from Him, and I thought of how that idea is at the heart of The Rabbit Room and Hutchmoot.

The good news is I am not a basket case. I miss it--I have missed Hutchmoot 2016--but it's not the end of the world. It's been a good weekend with my family and satisfying in many ways. I can seek truth and beauty here in Longview just as much as I can in Nashville.


  1. what is the meaning of the words "hutchmoot" and "rabbit room"?

    1. What! I haven't indoctrinated you yet? The Rabbit Room ( is a blog that was begun by singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson and some other artists, writers, pastors, etc. It was an attempt to model the community like that of C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, and the Inklings, and give a place for people to seek how God works through everything in this world. Anyway, it's been a great success, and in 2010 the group decided to host a conference so people could get together in person. They called it "Hutchmoot", a meeting of Rabbits :) . Carrie and I first went in 2012; I've been back twice since and Carrie's has gotten to where she's now a regular speaker. It's absolutely lovely.