Monday, October 03, 2016

Where Am I Again?

Last night I dreamt that I was trying to explain something to a girl and I had to speak in Spanish. It was quite realistic since I stumbled around to find the right words, the same way I always managed in Guadalajara. It wasn't until I woke that the significance of my dream hit. I'd finally dreamed in Spanish, albeit haltingly, after living for two years in Mexico...but we no longer live in Mexico. It was one of those bittersweet moments. We've had a lot of those this year, and I know there will be more.

This past summer we wrapped up our time in Guadalajara. We wished our apartment a cheerful farewell. It worked well for us, but we didn't mind saying goodbye to it. The farewells to friends, colleagues, students, cleaning and security staff for our apartment, and even the avocado vendor at our local street market--these were the more tearful farewells. Our church friends have been treasures without replacement, and Kraig has forged some strong connections with his fellow profs and some students. We've just begun to see the impact that time makes on relationships and we've had to say goodbye, leave the long-term in God's hands.

At the end of June Kraig was offered and accepted a position as assistant prof of civil engineering at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. Kraig and I did a whirlwind visit in July which ended in buying a home, and at the end of August we all moved down, moved in, and started the real work of settling.

It's a new adventure, and a new process, and we pray we can settle here for a good long time. It will take time to put down the roots--we know that. In the meantime I relish the visits to Walmart where I eavesdrop on the large local Hispanic community's Spanish conversation, enjoying the familiarity of the language more than grasping any of it. Sometimes I am almost tricked into thinking that when I walk outside I'll see the blue sky and cramped parking lot of my corner Walmart on Aviacion and Santa Margarita in Zapopan by Guadalajara. Tricked enough that I start dreaming in Spanish.


  1. are you feeling weary? as someone who has never moved much, hearing about the process sounds overwhelming.

    1. That's a good question, Sybille. I wonder sometimes when I'm going to crash. In some ways we're running on adrenaline still. First it was getting wrapped up in Guad, then a whirlwind summer in Michigan, now a new home and settling in here. There hasn't been time to be tired. But I have a feeling a time will come.

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