Friday, January 28, 2011

Thinking On Two Years....

What is most mind-boggling is that it has been two years since I saw Keren. Two years ago today she left us here. In some ways it seems like an eye-blink, and then it seems a lifetime. So much has happened since that has formed our lives now, and it's hard to know that she hasn't been here for them. It is hard to look at pictures of her, knowing that I will never see her older than she is in them, to know that her siblings will be older than her before I know it.... But there is so much joy, too, and thought Keren's not here in person, she is still very much a part of our lives, and for that I am thankful.

Recently I had some cds on, and when the final song of one cd transitioned into the first song of the next I knew I wanted to share them today, because they truly reflect the divided state of my heart. The first song is "More," by Andrew Peterson, on his album The Far Country. It's a song of longing for that inexplicable beauty and joy that I know is waiting for me in heaven. The second song is Fernando Ortega's "This Good Day," from his album Home. This song resounds with joy, praise and thanksgiving for each day and moment hear on earth.

Below are the songs. Apologies for the low image and sound quality, but it's clear enough to enjoy.

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  1. I wonder if this "divided heart" feeling had anything to do with the angst you were feeling last week?

    I'm sorry I did not say anything about Keren last Sunday. I remembered that the anniversary of the date of her passing was the end of January, but I forgot to mention anything when I saw you. It's interesting, and sad, that is the same date Brian V passed away.

    I'm sorry. And grateful. And thankful for you. Glad God is God and He is leading you through and forward and upward.

    Thank you for sharing such meaningful songs.