Sunday, March 01, 2020

Life, Writing, and a Guest Post

While it's not clear from my sporadic blog posts, I actually love to write. I can make all kinds of excuses as to why I don't write here more often, but none of them are terribly good, or at all new, so I'll spare you.

However, I did take a step last year which has gotten me writing more. One year ago today I joined a fledgling online writing community called The Habit. It was created by writer and teacher, Jonathan Rogers, who I first met through The Rabbit Room. Over the years I have appreciated his skill at teaching good writing, and his encouragement to those who want to write. I admit I didn't think I could justify joining as a member. I'm a mom, I'm busy teaching the kids and keeping the house in some sort of order--I have not been a consistent writer. Therefore, I figured, I didn't qualify. But one of the items that came with the membership was a "Grammar for Writers" course that I knew would be marvelous for the kids. And obviously, if it's for the kids' educational benefit, it's worth the price, right? 

Well, here I am a year later, and while the kids and I started the "Grammar for Writers" course (which is pretty great, by the way) we haven't finished it. However, I have definitely gotten back into the habit of writing, and have met a slew of lovely people who have been an encouragement and help for me in my writing. They have also challenged me, and given me chances to encourage and challenge them. One of these friends is Alicia Pollard. She has used her blog, Stories of Yearning, as a place for collaboration projects. Last month she asked us to submit posts that had to do with the magic of late winter (yes, there really is beauty there!). My post, "Snow and Flower," just went up yesterday, and I thought you might enjoy reading it along with other posts that have gone up. 

I'd love to say I will start writing here more frequently, but I won't promise that yet. That way you can be pleasantly surprised when I post something.

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