Monday, November 02, 2015

November Poem A Day

Last year I took the 31 Day Blog challenge. It was definitely work, but good, needful work, and fun. I loved sharing with friends. I didn't try it this year--chickened out, I guess. That, and October was particularly busy.

This year and this month I'm going to try something even more crazy. I've never felt too motivated to try NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and try to write a novel in the month of November. Someday the novel will be written, but not now :) . Then a couple friends of mine brought up the November Poem A Day challenge and the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like fun (Or insanity. One or the other). I do not claim great poetry skills. My writing tends to be pretty straightforward. But I'd like to try my hand at this.

I didn't decide till today, so the first you get is the poem for November 2. Maybe I'll write the first one at some point. We'll see where this goes....

November 2: Surrender
November 3: Parenting
November 4: Once Upon a Golden Moon
November 5: Festivities
November 6: Eyes in the Sky
November 7: Dinner on the Brain
November 8: Anchor for the Soul
November 9:  A Dose of Humility
November 10: In Need
November 11: Panda: Eats shoots and leaves
November 12: After the Storm
November 13: Tricky Communication
November 14: Masks
November 15: Communion
November 16: Time to Remember
November 17: Covered
November 18: The Shape of Me
November 19: Living Gems
November 20: A Perspective
November 21: Slugs & Bugs Sing the Bible, Vol. 2!!!
November 22: Waiting for a Break in Traffic
November 23: Forgiven, forgiving
November 24: Laughter
November 25: Stories
November 26: Thanksgiving
November 27: Leftovers
November 28: Saturday Night
November 29: A Confession
November 30: Let the moment begin

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