Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Shape of Me

I'm taking a break from writing something new today, and I found this poem in one of my files. I wrote it for an online creative writing class I took hosted by the talented Jennifer Trafton. Typically she only does classes for kids, so I lucked out with this one. If your kids love to write, check out her classes here: Sleeping Giant. Our Clare has taken a couple of them and had a great experience.

The Shape of Me

In all moods, I am a broken circle.

In joy I am a hawk, 
Wheeling and wheeling, 
Higher and higher,
Ragged circles in the sky.

In anger I am a wheel of fire—
Sparks fly outward and
I roll here and there,
Burning all I touch.

In peace I am a hidden lake;
A round pond of stillness.
The birds and beasts find refreshment 
In the cool shadows.

In anxiety I am an iron sphere,
Weighty and hard,
Impenetrable and dull,
No break in the cloudy metal.

In fear I am a hedgehog
Rolling into a ball,
Spines pointing outward,
Trying to protect my soft center.

In love I am a hug,
Arms wrapped round,
Pulling others close
And stretching outside of myself.

In Christ I am complete.
He resolves the endless wheeling,
And soothes the burning touch.
He is the spring of my pond,
And brings light into my heavy sphere.
He holds my soft center
And wraps His arms around me.

He brings all things full circle.

Artwork by Kate Hinson, original photo by Africa Schaumann


  1. Love the art. Love the poem. Love the poet.

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